Norm Decontamination

By their very nature, hazardous wastes pose a potential risk to personnel and the environment, therefore it is vital to ensure that all hazardous waste materials are properly handled and treated.  Working with prestigious organisations in the oil and gas market, MSIS’ comprehensive Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Decontamination service offers solutions for the collection, removal, containment, handling, treatment and disposal of Low Specific Activity Scale (LSA) and NORM waste materials.

At MSIS we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest standard of equipment and operatives, and deliver superior results during NORM Decontamination projects. Our experienced operatives, trained in LSA and NORM awareness, monitor and sample LSA and NORM levels via our high-tech monitoring and analysis equipment, document readings and levels of activity.  Equipment can also be cleaned of scale, sludge or any other form of LSA or NORM deposits to legislated nominal levels, and we make sure that the waste generated is properly disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation, allowing the client to manage legal requirements.

Utilising our team of experts, MSIS can also provide clients with the provision of Radioactive Protection Supervisors (RPS) to enhance and improve the NORM Decontamination process, as a result reducing downtime and costs to the business.


  • Improve process efficiencies and reduced costs
  • Achieve environmental legislative compliance levels and avoid legal penalties
  • Improve environmental performance and waste efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and protect safety performance within some of the most hazardous environments
  • Reducing ship to shore waste levels
  • MSIS project managed – from removal through to disposal at end location