FPSO COT / SLOP Deep Tank Cleaning

Market leaders with over 25 years of extensive offshore experience in the delivery of FPSO Deep Tank Cleaning services, MSIS is committed to providing industry proven, practical solutions which are tailored to meet your individual cleaning requirements.

Utilising the Premier Transfer System (PTS) and a closed loop structure to provide the client with the highest standards of cleaning, MSIS can deliver a 100% success rate in vertical depths of up to 55m on all offshore waste removal and cleaning projects. Our fully trained and experienced personnel, combined with the best available technologies in the offshore cleaning marketplace, allow for minimised persons on board (POB), whilst simultaneously reducing project downtimes and overall costs to the client.


This video demonstrates our waste extraction and tank cleaning capabilities. Waste extracted can be treated to separate solids from liquids, and further treated to recover hydrocarbon and seperate water to allow discharge levels to as low as 5ppm.